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Training experiences that catalyze organizational change


Between 2021 and 2022, close to 90 million people were separated from their jobs. This translated into three pressing issues for many HR leaders:

  • The need to reduce the onboarding training period and increase its effectiveness.

  • The need to efficiently improve and personalize the employee experience.

  • The need to have adequate people analysis tools that would make it possible to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of training programs.


OTECAT is a company dedicated to design and develop awesome learning experiences that catalyze organizational change. Back in 2019, OTECAT began to sell face-to-face training, then we included synchronous experiences, asynchronous courses, and instructional material. So far, we have sold services to more than 50 different organizations in 4 different countries.

Our purpose

We want to impact hundreds of thousands of people each year by helping companies become places where people can reach their full potential, take care of the environment, foster good relations with the community and be profitable for all their stakeholders.


Organizations that have training needs:

  • Educational institutions

  • Employee on boarding

  • Reskilling & mind setting

  • Compliance training

Value proposition

To deliver: AWESOME LEARNING EXPERIENCES (ALEs) that are efficient, effective and with high return on investment, increasing:

  • Student overall satisfaction

  • Product/Service quality, therefore customer satisfaction

  • Employees engagement, therefore business productivity

  • Process capability, therefore business rentability

Business partners

We look foward to help leaders approach teaching as an investment so they can decide in the best interest of stakeholders. 



"OTECAT has been of great assistance to Sisu Global in improving our training curriculum, especially our training videos for our novel surgical device. OTECAT's work has been implemented across Kenya and Ghana and we have expanded our scope of work with each contract.


The work Jorge and the team at OTECAT has done for us has always been of high quality, ahead of schedule and at a price point that provides incredible value. In addition to providing high quality work, Jorge has always been available to brainstorm, providing valuable insight to ensure projects are clearly structured from the start and successful.


OTECAT has allowed us to move forward and meet our virtual training goals at a rapid pace and we are delighted to continue to partner with OTECAT for e-learning and instructional design in 2021 and beyond."

Tim Goodwin

Training Coordinator
Sisu Global Health


L&D Consultancy services.

Midium size companies face the need to solve L&D challenges but many times they don't have the dedicated resources and energy to do so. We provide consultancy services that cover:​

  • Competency-based job descriptions

  • Performance monitoring

  • Gap Analysis

  • LMS set up

Instructional Design.

We design and develop awesome learning experiences:

  • Microlearning: An educational strategy that breaks complex topics down into short-form, stand-alone units of study that address specific knowledge gaps and that can be reviewed any time, many times. 

  • Game mode: the application of game elements and principles in non-game contexts increasing user engagement. Either through cooperation or competition, user’s motivation increases, and training becomes memorable. Games elements include map exploration, rol playing, risk assessment (gambling) and quizzes.


People anaylitics.

"CAT Tails" is a SaaS people analytics platform that connects job competencies, work activity assessments with training activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness..Using AI, the platform generates:

  • Feedback that tells our clients what we need to improve to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Feedforward that informs our clients what would be the best learning experiences for each employee.

  • Microlearning, gamified, social learning content according to the need for personalized training​


The way we work blends AGILE, LEAN, and ADDIE:

  • Analyze learning needs seeking to generate multiple positive impact.

  • Design learning objectives considering the alignment between the creation of value, the elimination of waste and the enhancement of the process flow.

  • Develop instructional material through agile workflows.

  • Implement flexible and adaptable, high-quality ALEs

  • Evaluate multiple scale impact, ensuring that ALEs are efficient, effective and with high return of investment.


Let's talk about Learning and Development, we will be very pleased to help you with your challenges. Contact us any time at our email.

You can also check our LATAM branch at OTECAT.CL  and follow us in our social media.

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